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Aria and CVPS Announce Plug & Play Tour!

The tour kicked off late last year in Cincinnati, OH with a killer set at ValAir and more cities are being scheduled through 2019 and beyond!

Why “Plug & Play”? The tour got its name from Aria’s bandmates and installation crew. With that no-nonsense air about her, Aria is quick and simple to install. You could say she’s nearly plug-and-play.

Aria is already known for her versatile stylings. A single Aria device can function as an entry, exit, or pay-on-foot station and she’s been known to be deployed in the cloud, on-prem, or a combination of the two. Aria doesn’t shy away from a challenging venue; her U.S.-manufactured enclosure is outdoor-rated so you can count on her to perform come rain or shine (or snow).

Fans of Aria recognize her forward-thinking attitude. Aria utilizes IP and USB components for easy maintenance and scalability. Her pay-by-phone feature adds a new layer to mobile payment convenience because she doesn’t require users to download any new apps to pay for their parking. Fans simply scan an Aria ticket with the built-in camera on their phone and they’re automatically taken to a secure payment page. It’s no wonder she’s a hit.

Not only does Aria provide a flexible solution for a variety of self-parking and valet needs, but she’s also a low-cost solution that still packs a punch with powerhouse features and functionality.  Did we mention her built-in call center function? Did we mention that the call center function comes built in, at no additional cost? Need we say more?

Want Aria to perform in your city? Call 800-955-3516 or shoot us a note at #StayTuned