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The New Normal

In this trying time…In an uncertain world…Now, more than ever…Let’s be honest, what is happening in the world right now is straight up bonkers.

The bad news is things aren’t going to go back to “normal” as we understand it. The good news is we’re all learning a lot about what it takes to make smarter, safer solutions. We’re finding ways to take existing features and functionality to facilitate contactless valet "Register Now" blue buttoninteractions and we’re actively developing new solutions with employee and client safety at the forefront. We are empowered to forge the new normal.

Join CVPS Solutions’ product, and now contactless, experts Kevin Meyer and Ken Ung, to learn how to optimize your valet operation while keeping safety and social distancing in mind. Our webinar will focus on valet solutions that help mitigate some of the potential exposure situations that your team and clients may experience in your daily operations.

Registration will remain open through Wednesday, May 27th, 2020. Once the registration period has closed, we will send registrants an email invitation to the webinar with information on how to connect via GoToMeeting.

Registration will remain open through Wednesday, May 27th, 2020. Space is limited so Register Today!

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