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Your Operation, The Comfort Zone

It has been a long, strange first half of 2020. As the world gains more understanding of the Coronavirus and what preventative measures can be taken to mitigate its spread, businesses are beginning to open again. The traveling public will once again need a place to park their vehicles. While “business as usual”, the way we knew it before, may not be possible, there are steps your valet operation can take and solutions we provide that
can help your customers feel at ease in the new normal. In an uneasy world, make your operation the comfort zone.

How do you create a contactless valet environment?
CVPS Ticketless Valet, SMS (text) link to electronic ticket on a cell phone screenCVPS Ticketless Valet is one of our favorite ways to maintain a contactless valet environment while streamlining your operation. With this solution, there are no physical tickets exchanged and all customer-facing processes are isolated to the customer’s mobile device.

When the driver arrives to your operation, they can roll down their window or exit their vehicle. The valet, appropriately masked and actively maintaining the recommended six feet of distance between themselves and the customer, asks for the driver’s mobile number. The valet enters that number into CVPS and the system sends the driver a link to their electronic valet ticket via SMS (text). The customer is then on their way to their destination without worrying about being in close contact with the valet or having to exchange a physical ticket.

What else can it do?
This valet “ticket” does so much more than just match the vehicle with the appropriate driver. From the CVPS-generated link, the customer can request their vehicle, securely pay for their parking with zero contact with a cashier, and present their ticket for contactless scanning and vehicle-to-driver pairing at the valet stand.

CVPS Ticketless Valet also allows you to send retrieval status information via customized SMS messages.

CVPS Ticketless Valet

But wait, there’s more!
After the customer is on their way, your team can get feedback on how they did if you decide to enable surveys. With CVPS, you can set thresholds for both negative and positive feedback. For example, if you select a two-star threshold, the system will automatically notify authorized users that a one or two-star review has been received. This gives your team the opportunity to turn the situation around and leave the customer with a lasting positive impression. You are also able to set alerts for positive feedback, a five-star threshold. Recognize your team and affirm them on a job well done.

You have questions, we have solutions.
CVPS has a host of additional features and functionality to help you create a contactless valet environment. With solutions like Web-Based Validations, Reservations, Stand-Alone Validators, and more, we can help you facilitate an operational flow that instills confidence and comfort in your customers.

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